Weekend getaway

Weekend getaway

You’ve rented a bed-and-breakfast, your partner has her joggers on for the long drive, and you’ve packed your clothes, toiletries and laptop. But have you packed your Almost Virgin Mouth Spray and SX Oil?


The AV team would be honoured to accompany you (in spirit of course) and your significant other for your weekend getaway. Sprinkle our Mouth Spray onto your tongue and lean over and drizzle what’s left onto hers, as you head up the coast for this long anticipated road trip.



Once you arrive at your destination, why wait for the festivities to begin? Here are some AV Sex Tips from us to you.



If you’re trying to create a more romantic getaway, you need to set the stage correctly. Dim the lights, light some candles and put on some relaxing jazz music. Science says that it takes forty-five minutes to get fully turned on, so set the stage correctly and enjoy a glass of wine while looking into each other’s eyes. Concentrate on being in the moment. When the moment is right, you’ll know and your go-to SX Oil is only an arms-length away.



Sometimes you just want to get freaky and skip the romance. Many people assume that only men watch pornography. Not true. Some studies have recorded that 1 in 3 women watch porn at least once a week. So, why not add that to your bedroom repertoire? Open your signature Almost Virgin SX Oil, break out your laptop and put on something that is mutually stimulating. Drizzle the oil all over your partner’s body, and have them do the same to you. Maybe you want to make your own director’s cut. The choices are up to you.



We often forget just how sexual our tongues are. There’s nothing sexier than dripping your oil all over your partner and watching them react to the smell, taste and feel of it as it drizzles into every crevice. And your tongue isn’t just for licking. Don’t forget that you can use it to tease your partner with dirty talk. And once he or she can’t take it any longer, get to licking all the areas that you both love. Over and over again.



It’s easier to literally have the balls overshadowed by your man’s penis. But the balls are a very sensitive, sensual area that can have him closing his eyes with pleasure. Knead them gently, and lick them in slow circular ways. Think of the scrotum as the clitoris. It’s a highly sensitive zone, but can also be a super sensual area. And while you’re down there, why not try a little, gentle bum play. There’s a reason that hole is in that place. Give in to experimenting. And men…give it a shot. You might just realize that a finger or a tongue in that spot was exactly what you were missing.



Friction isn’t fun. Make sure your partner is warmed up before you seal-the-deal. Our SX Oil helps heat things up, and the C.B.D. ingredients relax the nervous system. Create an experience by touching and rubbing the intimate body parts, and infuse the oil into the skin with slow, gentle circular motions. Oral sex isn’t technically sex, but it can be better than the actual act of penetration. Use teasing licks and you’ll know you’re making the grade by the sounds your partner will make.


Any weekend is the perfect time to have a sexy time. But when you’re planning a getaway, the AV team has you covered. Our SX Oil and our Mouth Spray is easy to transport. What you do with them is up to you.