Try out our ORAL exam

Try out our ORAL exam

Some people may not consider Oral Sex, actual sex. And while they may technically be correct, that doesn’t mean that oral sex isn’t as good, or better, than the real McCoy. And adding our SX Oil to your lovemaking has never made oral sex more oral-gasmic!


How to pass the test?

Well, strictly speaking there are no grades when it comes to the oral exam. But we do offer you some tips to get better marks from your lover.


1. The perfect companion

Our SX Oil Is your tongue’s perfect companion for when it’s time to take that trip downtown. The smell alone will have you salivating, and the taste will have your taste buds in overdrive. Rub it on your chosen area and give a massage with circular moves, lather it on your partner’s privates, and start out with slow, sensual licks that are sure to evoke an orgasmic response.


2. Eye contact

In order to establish your connection together, there’s nothing hotter than making eye contact. Eye contact will also help you gauge your oral prowess. There’s nothing better than having somebody’s eyes literally roll into the back of their head, just by giving head. Make sure to lock eyes often or even the entire time to create a connection that leaves a lasting impression long after the job is done.


3. Tease

Teasing is the ultimate form of foreplay. To be honest, it would be cruel if the teasing didn’t lead to actual tactile stimulation. Use your breath on the tip of the head or the hood of the clit. Linger above the skin and use your hot breath, combined with our hemp infused oil to make your partner squirm in pleasure.


4. Talk

There’s nothing wrong with making your oral experience an audible one. Tell your partner that you’re going to rub your tongue all over their goodies, and that you want them to squirt so hard that you’re going to need the cast of Baywatch to resuscitate you. You pick the words; we provide the product. As an added bonus to your dirty talk; feel free to suck, spit, and slurp your way to a mutual earth-shattering climax.


5. Feel

Our SX Oil is guaranteed to heighten both of your sensations. Rub it generously all over your tongue, spread it liberally and all over his hills, or her holes. Nibble, lick and drizzle it all over and make sure the moistness of our Almost Virgin SX Oil is matched by the moisture on the sheets.


6. No idle hands

You have two hands with ten working digits, so use them! There’s no better way to learn about another person’s intimate organs than to test out what works. When you’re doing something right, you’ll notice and you’ll be rewarded. Work your hands over your man’s shaft while sucking his knob like a vacuum. For her, gently split her lips with your fingers, and gently lick and rub her clit while working in our SX oil. The results are guaranteed to please even the harshest bedroom critics.


7. Set the pace

Don't always go at the same speed. Try to move a little faster when you see nonverbal signs of pleasure, like faster and heavier breathing or thrusting action. You can also vary the movements with your tongue and start using your hand when you get tired. Alternating between hand and mouth is just as enjoyable!


Simply put, oral sex can be greater than actual penetration. It just has to be done right. With our tips and our Almost Virgin C.B.D. products, we can guarantee you that this is one oral exam that you’ll be dying to take!!