Spray on the benefits

Spray on the benefits

If you’re already using our Almost Virgin Mouth Spray, then you know that it makes your mouth taste fresh and your breath smell amazing. You also have probably realized that the C.B.D.-infused spray helps sexually. And if you haven’t noticed the benefits, we know that your partner has!


The properties in our Mouth Spray ensure that your mouth is a safe zone. Specifically, our Mouth Spray ensures that you have great oral health. Take a spray or two on-the-run or with your lover, and you’ll be making sure your mouth is your greatest asset.



Do you ever walk around and feel like your mouth has lost all its moisture? With our Mouth Spray, just a squirt will refresh your taste buds and provide the solution for the nastiest case of dry mouth.


Pass the Taste Test

At Almost Virgin, we don’t expect you to try something that we haven’t tried ourselves. That’s why we know that you will be pleased with not only the aroma, but by the taste of our Mouth Spray. With just one spray, you’ll get an instant fresh sensation that also provides just the right combination of flavours.


Stay Calm

One of the main ingredients in our Mouth Spray is C.B.D., which is known for its calming effects on the central nervous system. On top of that, C.B.D. has been proven to have anti-depressant effects. A little spray goes a long way.


Oral Health

Oral hygiene is defined as keeping one’s mouth clean and free of disease. We like to keep it simple. Our Mouth Spray ensures that your mouth feels, smells and tastes great. The added bonus is the fact that you mouth will remain a sanitary palate.



Let’s keep it real. When our breath tastes and smells great, we feel great. There’s nothing sexier than giving your lover a passionate kiss while knowing they are going to receive a mouthful of sensations.


From great smelling breath, to the calming effects and oral health benefits, the Almost Virgin Mouth Spray is always your best bet for fresh breath. On-the-go, or just at home.