How it works

How it works

We are ALMOST VIRGIN, a brand that seeks to enhance sexual wellness, self-discovery and make every moment even better. C.B.D. or cannabidiol is our hero ingredient that boosts sensations, pleasure and orgasms. 

Our MOUTH SPRAY and SX OIL are the perfect match for an unforgettable date. You’re probably wondering how they work? 



An almond, grape and coconut-based oil with our hero ingredient: C.B.D. infused oil, among our other ingredients. It's also infused with orange skin and cinnamon oils. Its components blend together into a perfect powerful synergy that help make great sex even better. Our SX OIL is slippery without feeling sticky, a velvet, in point slickness texture. Our C.B.D. can release pain, reduce anxiety, increase natural lubrication and will boost your sex life and your orgasms. 



Our MOUTH SPRAY infused with C.B.D. Oil will give you a fresh and delightful breath. It contributes to the prevention of bad breath and instantly gives a fresh sensation. Our MOUTH SPRAY has a relaxing, antibacterial effect, promotes oral hygiene, stimulates the senses and refreshes you.