A letter to our beloved cannabis

A letter to our beloved cannabis

Dear C.B.D, 

Thanks for the wildest nights, because without you I wouldn’t ride myself in such a good wayToday, on the 4/20, your special day, I want to thank you for giving us so much, especially for all you do with my SX OIL 

You interlock my orgasms 

Your touch gets on my mind, no stress, no mess 

You are meant to please 

Without a doubt you are a catch, and make me release 

Unlimited ways of pleasure 

Intense, wild, and free 

May all people get to know you, deep inside, I'm sure they won't let you go. 

Always yours. 


A very thankful client of yours 


PS: to all of you reading this, please do yourself a favour and buy your SX OIL